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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Cottage Scotland Arbroath Signal Tower Museum

Arbroath Signal Tower Museum

Beside Arbroath's harbour, near the Nestings on the sea front, stands an elegant complex of regency buildings. Now the Burgh’s museum, the buildings were built in 1813. Until 1955 these buildings formed the shore station and family living quarters for the light keepers on the Bell Rock Lighthouse which lies 11.5 miles out from Arbroath on a dangerous semi-sunken reef.

Both lighthouse and shore station were built by Robert Stevenson, founder of the famous dynasty of lighthouse engineers

At the Signal Tower you can find out about the fascinating history of the lighthouse, visit the outhouse to see the massive lens of the last manually operated lamp and hear the keeper talk about his day. In addition the museum displays reflect the past lives of the keepers’ families and the wider community of Arbroath and district. Other displays tell the story of Arbroath’s fishing heritage and of its great Industries of textiles and engineering.

The museum also displays the wildlife of the cliffs around the town. Arbroath's civic treasures and souvenirs of the Burgh’s great trading days complete the tour of the museum.

The museum shop and reception are on the first floor, WCs are available to museum visitors next door to the shop.

Angus council has some valuable information for visitors to Arbroath