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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Self Catering Cottage Scotland Guest Book-The Nestings

Self Catering Scotland Guestbook
Our Stay at The Nestings Arbroath, Angus, Scotland

I personally liked the Abbeys. We spent a day on the Royal Mile, a day driving through the Kingdom of fife, we liked St Monans Church. We drove to Glasgow and saw the Burrel Collection. The Burrel collection was incredible and the only cost was parking. We spent a long driving day through Pitlochry up to the Ospreys over to Balmoral (our timing was poor, the gates were just closing for the day when we got there). Our last day we took it easy and only went to Sterling Castle, Claypots Castle and Carnoustie.

It is still hard to believe we spent a week in Scotland with no rain and great weather. The fog rolled in Saturday morning as we were leaving.

We had a great time while in Scotland. It is a very beautiful country with many things to see.

Just a few thoughts that would be helpful to visitors:

Maps of where all the Castles are with hours of operations.

Map to the grocery store. Verbal directions are very hard to follow.

Driving etiquette, for those of us who were brave enough to get rental cars. It took me several days to understand roundabouts

Maps to local restaurants and pubs. The Fish and chip and Ice cream store next door was very good. The Old Brew House was very good. And the Bell Rock was a very good value.

We never did find a wireless internet connection. That might be nice to have available to your guests.