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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Cheap Holiday Cottage Scotland

Cheap Holiday Cottage in Scotland
At this time of year when money is tight,a short break in fife Scotland by the sea is an ideal place.Is it a for a short break or holiday to get away from it all?. January and February are ideal times for a Cheap Cottage Break or holiday at one of our properties in Fife, Scotland, as you will see from our prices listed below:

Prices 2007

Pounds (£) stirling
per week
Sleeps 5
Sleeps 6
Sleeps 6
January £275.oo £225.oo £250.oo
February £275.oo £225.oo £250.oo
March £295.oo £250.oo £275.oo
April £395.oo £350.oo £375.oo
May £375.oo £325.oo £350.oo
June £420.oo £375.oo £395.oo
July £485.oo £455.oo £455.oo
August £485.oo £455.oo £455.oo
September £455.oo £385.oo £395.oo
October £425.oo £375.oo £375.oo
November £295.oo £250.oo £270.oo
December £375 - £485 £220 - £395 £250 - £455

We believe these prices to be really good value for money for a Self Catering Cottage break in Scotland.Castaway Cottages are a great location for a holiday or a short break.