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Monday, 30 April 2007

Cottage Scotland-St Andrews Fife

Cottage Scotland-St Andrews Fife
St Andrews was and is a famous seat of learning and the home of golf. As the former metropolitan see of Scotland, the city was in the mainstream of Scottish history and its rich heritage includes a 12th Century cathedral, 13th Century castle and 15th Century university. Today the town has a charm all its own and is a busy holiday resort in summer, reverting to the role of a university town in term time with an active cultural life.

St Andrews was an early ecclesiastical settlement associated with relics of St Andrew, it grew in importance with the founding of the St Regulus Church, a priory in the 12th Century and finally a grandiose cathedral, all of which eclipsed the Celtic settlement of St Mary on the Rock. The monastic establishment renowned as a seat of learning was the precursor of the university. With a growing university attracting scholars and students of a high calibre. 15th Century St Andrews was an active and prosperous burgh well meriting the attribution of a national role as ecclesiastical capital of Scotland in 1472. Prosperity and the population declined in the 17th Century, owing in part to the loss of the archbishopric (1689 Revolution), the changing trading patterns (now with the American colonies), as well as the political changes after the 1707 Act of Union.

Stay a short 15 minute drive away at Castaway Cottages in lower Largo

Monday, 23 April 2007

Cottage Scotland Hermitage, Dunkeld, Perth

Cottage Scotland -The Hermitage, Dunkeld,Perth
The Hermitage Waterfall Scotland
The Hermitage was a folly built in the 18th century to entertain visitors and provide a spectacular view of the Falls of Braan.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Cottage Scotland, Scone Palace, Perth

Cottage Scotland, Scone Palace, Perth
Scone Palace just outside Perth is the family home of the Earls of Mansfield. Despite its historic setting, the Scone Palace we see today was only built in 1802 by English architect William Atkinson, who went on to create Abbotsford for Sir Walter Scott.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Cottage Scotland Perth Scotland Photographs

Cottage Scotland Perth Scotland Photographs
Perth is a beautiful city to visit in April, the sun is out, the daffodils are blooming and by the River is the ideal place to stay.

Cottage Scotland Self Catering Fife Scotland

Cottage Scotland Self Catering Fife Scotland.
If planning a break, self catering is the idea answer. Our Cottages in Lower Largo near St Andrews are fully equipped for all guests whether they want to cater for themselves or not. If you do not wish to be self catering all the time stroll along to the nearby Crusoe Hotel as we did in April and get a locally caught fish tea, highly recommended.

Cottage Scotland, Lower Largo, Fife, Scotland

Cottage Scotland, Lower Largo, Fife, Scotland

Lower largo in April is a great getaway for a break, it has a local shop, the Railway Tavern pub, which does great beers and the Crusoe Hotel for fish and chips.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Cottage Scotland, Scone Palace, Perth, Peacock

Cottage Scotland, Scone Palace, Perth, Peacock

The grounds of Scone Palace, Perth are populated by these majestic Peacocks. Do not get too close!

Cottage Scotland, Stone of Destiny, Scone, Perth

Cottage Scotland, Stone of Destiny, Scone Palace, Perth

The Stone of Destiny located at Scone Palace near Perth is 26 inches long, 16 inches wide and 11 inches high (660 x 400 x 280mm) and it weighs 336 lbs (2.5kgs). It is sandstone although some believe that the Stone in Westminster may be quarried in Oban or Perthshire.

Cottage Scotland Moot Hill, Scone, Perth

Moot Hill, Scone, Perth, Scotland-Interior

Facing Scone Palace near Perth is Moot Hill, now occupied by the 19th century chapel. The name is interesting: The gaelic, Tom-a-mhoid, means a place where justice would be administered, while the "Boot" version is more incredible but more appealing -- when all the earls, chieftans, and other men of consequence came to swear loyalty to the Lord High Ardh, they carried in their boots earth from their own lands, and piled it here, since they could only swear fealty while standing on their own land. Having taken the oath, they emptied their boots on the spot. The Chapel has a very interesting interior.

Cottage Scotland, Moot Hill, Scone Palace, Perth

Cottage Scotland, Moot Hill Chapel, Scone Palace, Perth
Scone, Perth was the Ancient Crowning Place of the Scottish Kings. They were crowned on an ancient mound at Scone which has been known by many names. Two of its names - Omnis Terra (every man's land) and Boot Hill - come from an ancient tradition whereby emissaries swore fealty to their king by wearing the earth of their own lands in their foot-bindings or boots. The name by which it is best known today is the Moot Hill. Standing on the Moot Hill,Scone, Perth is a small Presbyterian chapel. Like the Scone Palace, it was restored in Gothic style around 1804. A replica of the Stone of Scone sits upon the Moot Hill, marking the site of the original.

Cottage Scotland, Scone Palace, Perth

Cottage Scotland, Scone Palace, Perth

Poised above the River Tay, the Palace overlooks the routes north to the Highlands and east through Strathmore to the coast. The Grampian mountains form a distant backdrop, and across the river stands the city of Perth. Two thousand years ago, the Romans camped here, at the very limit of their empire. They never defeated the warlike Picts, who later came to rule Scone, but the followers of St Columba had more success. By the early 7th century, a group of early Christians, the Culdees or servants of God, had established themselves here

Monday, 16 April 2007

Cottage Scotland St Andrews Castle

Cottage Scotland St Andrews Castle

Completed in about 1400, St Andrews castle was the work of Bishop Trail. With steep cliffs protecting it to the north and east, thick curtain walls and rock cut ditches on its landward side it was built to be easily defended.

Within these walls were five square towers providing residence for the bishop, his large household and guests. Ranges were built along the inside of each length of curtain wall and further accommodation was provided in outer courtyards to the south and west.

Cottage Scotland St Andrews Cathedral

Cottage Scotland St Andrews Cathedral, the location where Price William and Kate Middleton spent their courtship several years ago.

Cottage Scotland View from Castaway Cottage

View from Castaway Cottage, we had a fantastic week in April school holidays.

Cottage Scotland Waves Fife

This relaxing view of Sea was taken while we spent a fantastic week at Castaway Cottage in April

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Cottage Scotland Queens View

Cottage Scotland Queens View

Queens View, Pitlochry April

Named after Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Victoria, both of whom stopped to admire the stunning panorama of mountain and loch, Queens View has become one of the most famous views of Scotland. Situated on the outskirts of Pitlochry, the geographic centre of Scotland, Queens View overlooks Loch Tummel and on a clear day the mountain scenery extends as far as Glencoe.

Many other attractions are in the area

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Cottage Scotland Guest Book- Castaway Cottage

Cottage Scotland Guest Book- Our Stay at Castaway Cottage

Our experience at Castaway was so positive, we bought our own wee place in Fife! Obviously we love that little corner of the world, as evidenced by the number of times we've rented the cottage. Our favorite place to eat was The Lundin Links Hotel, we liked the ambience there and have always had really nice well cooked meals. We did however usually go to the Upper Largo Hotel for their Sunday brunch, excellent value for money and delicious to boot, and of course The Anstruther Fish Market is a legend of it's own. One of our favorite things to do was walk the Coastal route from lower Largo to Leven, do a wee bit of shopping, have a nice pub lunch and take the bus back to Lower Largo. Not terribly exciting but very enjoyable. - H.S. Canada

Cottage Scotland Guest Book-The Nestings, Arbroath

Our Stay at The Nestings Arbroath

Thanks for your email Vyvyen, we had a lovely holiday .. although it could have done with being several degrees warmer we are all tougher for our experience! Hopefully in August the weather will be kinder to us.

As for pictures .. I've attached a couple which you are more than welcome to use, one is the 'view from our window' at the Nestings, and our little boy perusing the menu at Dobbies Garden centre, most of ours are of people rather than places. We love Roo's Leap at Montrose to eat, Camperdown Park is fabulous especially for little ones, Dundee is great for shopping as I'm sure you know. In Arbroath 'Sugar and Spice' does a nice cup of coffee and is great for sweeties to take to friends at home. There is much debate as to the best fish and chips whenever we are up but Marco's currently pips Peppo's to the post - for Pizza it's fab too! Hope this is of some use to you.....RL

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Cottage Scotland The Sma Glen

Cottage Scotland The Sma Glen

The Sma Glen The grandeur of the Sma'Glen, north of Crieff, is breathtaking. Condensed into little over 2 miles/3km, the 'small' glen ... all » contains all the scenic attractions of the Highlands in miniature. Scree, rocks and heather covered slopes tower up on both sides of the glen, with the fast flowing River Almond running along the narrow valley floor. Many famous characters have travelled through this narrow defile, including Malcolm III of Scotland (1058-93), marching to recover his kingdom from the usurper MacBeth. After holding his war council in Crieff the ill-fated Bonnie Prince Charlie also marched his way through the glen on his way to defeat at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

At the northern end of the Sma'Glen keep an eye out for Clach Ossian or Ossian's Stone, an 8 feet high monolithic stone sited where the river and the road almost touch. This is reputed to be the burial place, in about 300AD, of the legendary Gaelic bard Ossian. He was the father of Fingal (immortalised in Mendelssohn's "Fingal's Cave" overture.)

History and legend are so intertwined that the truth will doubtless remain forever shrouded in the winter mists of the glen, however the quote from Sir Walter Scott's poem on Ossian shows that at least he believed the legend.

In this still place, remote from men, Sleeps Ossian in the narrow glen; Sir Walter Scott

Up river from Newton Bridge lies Wester Glenalmond which stretches through to Ardtalnaig on Loch Tay. A rough, private road follows the River Almond for much of the way and is popular with walkers and mountain bikers throughout the year. The entire route to Loch Tay is 17 miles/27km

Hermitage Waterfall Scotland Falls of Braan

Hermitage Waterfall Scotland
The Hermitage was a folly built in the 18th century to entertain visitors and provide a spectacular view of the Falls of Braan.

Cottage Scotland Huntingtower Castle Perth

Cottage Scotland Huntingtower Castle Perth

Huntingtower was originally built by the Ruthven family in the 15thC although they had held the lands since the 13thC. Originally called the House of Ruthven.

The Ruthvens fought with Robert the Bruce and were made Sheriffs of Perth in 1313.

Exceptional painting on ceilings dated from 1540.

Mary queen of Scots visited with Darnley.

There is a legend of the Ruthven daughter, Dorothy, leaping between the towers to avoid being found by her mother in her lover's bedroom!

James VI, when aged 15, was held there forcibly in 1582. In revenge, James later executed the perpetrators of the plot, proscribed the name Ruthven and seized the castle and lands. Since then the castle has been known as Huntingtower.

The Earl of Tullibardine gained the property in 1663 and it passed to the Duke of Atholl in 1676.

Lord George Murray, the Jacobite commander, was born there in 1694.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Cottage Scotland-What Are Ewe Looking At?

Cottage Scotland-What Are Ewe Looking At?
Some sheep near Aberfeldy, Perthshire

Cottage Scotland Guestbook- Castaway Cottage

Castaway Cottage, Really Good Week...

"Just to let you know we had a really good week at Castaway cottage,the weather was very kind to us. We found the cottage very comfortable and hope to return sometime in the future. The East Neuk is an area we have very fond childhood memories of."- MC

Thanks for those kind words, many of our guests have stayed in Lower Largo as children and enjoy a walk down memory lane........Vyvyen

Monday, 2 April 2007

Cottage Owners Perth

Born on Glasgow and Perth, my wife and I now live in Perth and run Castaway Cottages, The Nestings and Taypearls. We love Scotland are are keen to encourage visitors and tourists to see the best that Scotland has to offer.
Please email things you love to see and do in Scotland and we will add it to the blog.