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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Cottage Scotland Huntingtower Castle Perth

Cottage Scotland Huntingtower Castle Perth

Huntingtower was originally built by the Ruthven family in the 15thC although they had held the lands since the 13thC. Originally called the House of Ruthven.

The Ruthvens fought with Robert the Bruce and were made Sheriffs of Perth in 1313.

Exceptional painting on ceilings dated from 1540.

Mary queen of Scots visited with Darnley.

There is a legend of the Ruthven daughter, Dorothy, leaping between the towers to avoid being found by her mother in her lover's bedroom!

James VI, when aged 15, was held there forcibly in 1582. In revenge, James later executed the perpetrators of the plot, proscribed the name Ruthven and seized the castle and lands. Since then the castle has been known as Huntingtower.

The Earl of Tullibardine gained the property in 1663 and it passed to the Duke of Atholl in 1676.

Lord George Murray, the Jacobite commander, was born there in 1694.