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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Cottage Scotland, Moot Hill, Scone Palace, Perth

Cottage Scotland, Moot Hill Chapel, Scone Palace, Perth
Scone, Perth was the Ancient Crowning Place of the Scottish Kings. They were crowned on an ancient mound at Scone which has been known by many names. Two of its names - Omnis Terra (every man's land) and Boot Hill - come from an ancient tradition whereby emissaries swore fealty to their king by wearing the earth of their own lands in their foot-bindings or boots. The name by which it is best known today is the Moot Hill. Standing on the Moot Hill,Scone, Perth is a small Presbyterian chapel. Like the Scone Palace, it was restored in Gothic style around 1804. A replica of the Stone of Scone sits upon the Moot Hill, marking the site of the original.