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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Green Environmental Policy

Our Green Environmental Policy

Green Environmental Policy
At our Self Catering Holiday Cottages Arbroath, Perth or Largo near St Andrews, we are committed to providing good quality self-catering accommodation whilst reducing the impact of our business activities on the environment.

Some ways which we are trying to achieve this are:-

1. Using Green Eco Friendly cleaning materials in our cottages including eco-friendly washing up liquid.
2. Providing newspaper recycling facilities. If guests separate them from their other waste and store them for our collection.
3. Composting garden waste where this is possible.
4. Providing information for guests to enable them to use public transport facilities to reach our properties.
5. Replacing light bulbs with low energy bulbs when they need to be renewed.
6. Encouraging guests to switch off electrical appliances and not leave on standby.
7. Purchasing energy efficient white goods.
8. Using e-mail as much as possible for company correspondence to cut down on paper.
9. We minimise our use of print advertising.
10. Supporting local producers.
11. Supporting local tradesmen for all our repairs and maintenance.
12. Providing showers for guests which use less water than baths.

Our other business activities are concerned with promoting Green awareness in the office.
We support the Woodlands Trust Charity, t
he UK’s leading charity dedicated solely to the protection of our native woodland heritage. Climate change is the biggest threat to the natural world and will have huge implications for the way we live our lives. Since its establishment in 1972, the Woodland Trust has planted over 4.5 million trees and created 3,200 hectares of new native woodland.
My Green Office website and My Green Office Blog are dedicated to promoting of recycled, green, environmentally eco friendly and sustainable business products, school supplies, and paper.Our aim is, where we can, to reduce our carbon footprint by using recycled and eco friendly products.

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